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This 120-hour course consists of fifteen units (100+ hours of self-paced learning and 20+ hours of live lessons), carefully chosen and organized to ensure a gradual buildup of knowledge while not overloading trainees with too much information at any one time

The final component of the theory is a short essay-writing task of between 500 and 1,000 words OR a formal lesson plan with its videoed teaching practice (15-20 minutes)

Online TESOL Live Lessons

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  • Get your certificate in only 2-4 week
  • Study with a real trainer online

Online TESOL Live Lessons Course Guide

The course is designed to allow for maximum flexibility. For self-paced learning, you can work at a pace that suits you, as long as you complete the course within two months of receiving your login details. For live lessons, you will arrange your schedule to attend live classes facilitated by our trainers (3.5 weeks)

In order to get the maximum benefit from the course, we recommend working on one unit per day. This will give you enough time to understand and digest the lesson fully or prepare questions to ask your trainers in live classes before moving to the next one. However, if you wish to work through the course more quickly, or slowly, the choice is yours

To move comfortably through this course, simply follow these straightforward steps:

1. Work through the materials for each unit until you feel you have fully absorbed all the information provided

2. You can also watch videos relating to that unit

3. Once you are ready you can then check your understanding of the subjects covered by completing the end-of-unit task sheet that accompanies the unit

4. After completing the task sheet, if you are confident, you can take a one-time multiple-choice test for the unit, know the result, and then continue with the next unit. If you are not confident enough, you can take notes and prepare the questions to ask your trainers in live classes and do the test later

5. When you have finished all the 15 unit tests, you can move on to the final stage: writing a short essay (500-1000 words) with one of the given topics or designing a formal lesson plan with its videoed lesson performance

Online TESOL Live Lessons Course Overview

Unit 1:Principles, Teachers and Learners (self-paced learning)
Unit 2: Methodologies, Equipment and Teaching Aids (self-paced learning)
Unit 3: Warmers (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 4: Context and Contextualization (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 5: Teaching Speaking (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 6: Teaching Vocabulary (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 7: Teaching Grammar (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 8: Teaching Listening (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 9: Teaching Reading (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 10: Teaching Writing (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 11: Communicative Activities (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 12: Basic Grammar: Parts of Speech, Sentences and Tenses (self-paced learning)
Unit 13: Basic Phonology: Intonation, Stress, Phonemics and Articulation (self-paced learning + live lesson)
Unit 14: Classroom Management (self-paced learning + live lesson)

Unit 15: Lesson Planning (self-paced learning + live lesson)

Extra units

One-to-one teaching (live lesson)

Songs & chants (live lesson)

A Short Essay (500-1000 words)


A Formal Lesson Plan with its videoed lesson performance (15-20 minutes)


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    Online TESOL Live Lessons

    was $614.00Save 35%

    • Get your certificate in only 2-4 week
    • Study with a real trainer online
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    The TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages) certificate at TEFL in Vietnam is recognized in 80 countries, has permanent validity and is of international value.

    All TESOL  courses at TEFL International Organization are validated  by Lamar University (USA) and the Paris College of International Education (France).

    Lamar University, established in 1923, is a public university in Beaumont, Texas and is part of the Texas State University system. Lamar University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

    The Paris College of International Education is established as a private higher institution to promote programs internationally.

    The college recognizes the TEFL International certificate course as a one-credit of the Master online program. An official transcript is available to each student after (s)he finishes the TESOL Course.

    Our in-class TEFL certification courses are externally validated and moderated by a Board of Academic Advisors. This board includes several internationally recognized experts in the field of EFL teaching, as well as dozens of regional experts in language teaching and teacher training. Both international and regional members regularly advise the staff at our teacher training centres worldwide.


    +1000 students have successfully achieved their personal goals after training with TEFL in Vietnam. We provide not only knowledge, but also an amazing learning experience, which makes us unique among the others.